Protection from Insurance Companies

Protection From Insurance Companies and Bad Faith

Most of us turn to insurance companies for protection, but when dealing with injuries resulting from a car wreck, the insurance companies rarely have our best interests in mind.  At Phillips Law Offices, however, our Chicago car wreck attorneys are looking out for your best interests.  We have successfully represented many clients suffering from car accident injuries in their dealings with their own insurance companies as well as the insurance companies of other parties involved in the accident case.

Car wreck lawyers in Chicago can help you with insurance companies

When you deal with the insurance companies without legal representation, the insurance companies are likely to take your claims less seriously, and attempt get a fast settlement that is as low as possible simply because it helps their bottom line.  But when you are represented by experienced car wreck lawyers in Chicago with a record of success, the insurance companies take your claims seriously and are more likely to negotiate a settlement that adequately compensates you for your injuries and economic losses.

How we protect your interests

Our personal injury and car accident attorneys are skilled negotiators who are familiar with the tactics of the insurance companies.  We look out for your best interests by investigating your car accident thoroughly to uncover all of the facts and circumstances necessary to prove your claims and hold all responsible parties liable.

To present the best case possible, we make sure your doctors have enough time to uncover the full extent of your injuries.  We then use this information to make sure the insurance company does not wrongly deny liability or shortchange you in settlement negotiations.  If necessary, our accomplished trial lawyers are ready to take your claims to court to get you the damages you are entitled to receive.

Protecting you from bad faith insurance practices

When you insure yourself and your family for car accident coverage, you expect your insurance company to pay out for covered claims, including claims for your own injuries and property damage, and claims filed against you by other parties claiming you are at fault.  In cases where your insurance company disputes your coverage or fails to settle a claim within your policy limits—and leaves you exposed to personal finanical liablity—you need tough, knowledgeable lawyers on your side to fight for your rights.

At Phillips Law Offices, our Chicago car wreck lawyers protect you from bad faith practices by your insurance company.  Bad faith insurance practices can include both:

  • Failing to pay for covered claims
  • Failing to settle claims by other parites within the limits of your policy

If your insurance company is denying you coverage, denying you legal representation, or has failed to settle your claim with in your policy limits, our lawyers can help you.

Contact experienced Chicago car wreck attorneys

If you are in a car wreck, let a skilled, aggressive Chicago car crash attorney ensure someone is looking out for your best interests and protecting you from the insurance companies.  Call Phillips Law Offices today at (312) 470-6765 or contact us online for a free consultation.  We serve the injured and their families throughout Illinois.