What To Do After a Trucking Accident

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What to do after a trucking accident

At Phillips Law Offices, our Chicago trucking accident lawyers have helped victims and families recover compensation for their injuries for over 65 years.  We understand how emotionally difficult the moments after an accident can be.  But after suffering injuries in a trucking accident, you need to protect yourself, both medically and legally.  Below is important information about some of the steps you should consider taking.

Seek immediate medical attention for your injuries

If emergency personnel do not immediately transport you to the hospital for treatment after a trucking accident, it is important that you visit your doctor or an emergency room for immediate medical care.  Seemingly small injuries can turn into much more serious problems and it is important to make sure you do not have a punctured lung, internal bleeding, or brain trauma.  In addition, medical reports and your statements to the doctors are important evidence in any truck accident lawsuit you may file in Chicago.

Inspect the scene of the accident carefully

If you are the one fortunate enough to walk away from the trucking accident scene, it is a good idea to take pictures, including pictures of road conditions, road and hazard signs, the truck that hit you, your car, the other driver, witnesses, traffic lights, crosswalks, and anything else of concern.  If you are in the hospital, have a family member contact a Chicago trucking accident lawyer right away.  The sooner you engage the services of a lawyer to pursue your truck accident lawsuit or settlement, the sooner he or she can investigate the scene. Because evidence can fade with time, time is of the essence.

Do not settle with the insurance companies too quickly

Insurance companies for the truck driver, the employer of the truck driver, and any other responsible parties have an incentive to settle your claim quickly and for as little as possible.  But settling quickly is usually a big mistake.  It may take weeks or months to understand the full extent of your injuries and damages, and if you seek a settlement too soon after the accident, you may receive much less than you need to cover your medical costs, let alone compensation for any pain, suffering, or lost wages.

In addition, you want your Chicago truck accident lawyers to have time to adequately investigate your case, making it as strong as possible.  You also want the insurance companies to know that your lawyers are not afraid to take the case all the way to trial in order to get you the money you deserve.  Both factors are likely to contribute to a higher trucking accident settlement amount.

Contact a trucking accident lawyer in Chicago

If you are injured in a trucking accident, contact the Chicago truck accident attorneys of Phillips Law Office today at (312) 470-6765 to speak with one of our dedicated truck accident lawyers or contact us online.  We serve the injured and their families throughout Illinois.