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A truck accident can lead to serious injuries, high medical expenses, loss of wages and a dramatic change in the quality of your life.  To move forward again, you may need legal representation by experienced lawyers who can vigorously fight for your rights in a truck accident case.  The Chicago truck accident lawyers at Phillips Law Offices can help you.

At Phillips Law Offices, our Illinois truck accident lawyers focus on personal injury and wrongful death cases arising out of truck accidents.  With over 65 years of experience, our expertise in this practice area is both broad and deep.  In addition to an in-depth understanding of the law and issues of proof in truck accident cases, our lawyers also have a comprehensive understanding of the mechanical and technical issues involved in truck accident cases.

Our expertise is critical to your case because trucking accident cases generally involve complex issues such as the following:

  • Overlapping Illinois and federal laws and regulations, including U.S. Department of Transportation regulations.
  • Multiple potential defendants including the driver, the employer of the driver, the manufacturer of the truck and any of its parts, the mechanics who performed maintenance on the truck, and the manufacturer of the car you were driving.

In addition, because the U.S. Department of Transportation regulations include specific laws governing everything from driver safety training to maximum load weights, there are a number of potential grounds for proving negligence and fault that your Chicago trucking accident attorneys need to be aware of when investigating your case.  Accordingly, you need a truck accident lawyer in Chicago who has extensive experience in this area of law.

Motorcycle accident lawyers in Chicago

The Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers at Phillips Law Offices also focus on personal injury and wrongful death cases involving motorcycle accidents.  A motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm in Chicago are well-versed in the issues that commonly complicate your ability to recover fair compensation for your injuries in motorcycle cases.

For example, insurance companies and juries are quick to blame the motorcyclist for the accident, which makes recovering damages for your injuries challenging.  Our Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys, however, understand several key issues, including:

  • Drivers of cars and trucks often act negligently and fail to see motorcyclists despite the use of safe driving habits by motorcyclists, such as using turn signals and headlights and wearing helmets.
  • Unsafe road conditions such as loose gravel, lack of guard railings, and lack of adequate road condition signs are often the actual cause of many motorcycle accidents.

Accordingly, our motorcycle accident lawyers in Chicago carefully inspect and document the scene of the accident, conduct a detailed factual investigation of your case, and work with accident reconstruction and mechanical experts to make sure we build the strongest case possible to prove your injuries were caused by the negligent conduct of the parties who were really at fault.

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