Boating Accident Overview

Representing Those Injured in Boating Accidents

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Boating accident overview

According to the Chicago boating accident attorneys at the Phillips Law Offices, any accident that involves a boat, ship, Jet Ski, ferry or any other type of watercraft is a boating accident. The majority of boat accidents occur when two or more vehicles collide, although drowning and even slip and fall accidents on boats may be other types of boating or water accidents.

Our Chicago boating accident lawyers explain how accidents happen

Alcohol consumption, inclement weather or a distracted boat operator can cause a serious collision to occur. Other contributing factors include the following:

  • A boat operator who has little or no experience, thus increasing the risk of causing or being involved in a boating collision
  • A boat operator who takes unnecessary risks, such as operating the boat at too high a speed
  • When a situation occurs where no one—including the boat operator—is watching for obstacles in the water, such as other boats
  • When the motor or the navigational equipment on the boat fails, thus increasing the chances for a collision

U.S. boating accident statistics

According to U.S. Coast Guard statistics, there were 4,789 boating accidents that involved 709 deaths and 3,331 injuries in 2008. These accidents resulted in approximately $54 million in damage. (These statistics relate to recreational boating accidents only.)

Illinois boating accident insurance claims and lawsuits

Boat accident victims have the right to take legal action in civil court against the persons who caused their injuries. They can include the operator of the boat, and even the manufacturer—if, for example, an engine malfunctioned and caused an accident as the result of a design or manufacturing defect.

If you are the victim of a boating accident, you should consult with an Illinois boating accident lawyer at Phillips Law Offices as soon as possible. By conducting a complete evaluation of your particular case, we can assist you in determining whether you have grounds for a claim or lawsuit.

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